Technical Modeling

Only here you are always welcome, together withautomatenspiele you have no equal! All the tools are manufactured in-house and made to measure for our technology. These are made of Epoxy in order to reduce costs and stick to small and medium series.

Carbon Look Texture

Are you into playing games? Go to theautomatenspiele. There is the best offer for you! With this technological innovation, we can inject pieces directly with a Carbon Look texture. We can supply several different finishes in Carbon look. With this technology, the part will come out finished and ready to be delivered. The Advantages and […]

Industrial Paint

This is where you will findautomatenspiele. Follow the link! With our latest generation paint cabins, we can paint any quantity of parts (prototypes, small and medium runs). We also have several traditional paint cabins in which the parts are painted manually through automatic paint supplies. This saves time and provides consistency in terms of paint […]

Commercial Team

About Us

Tired of waiting for everything to change? Now you can do it thanks toautomatenspiele! Hurry up, because the offer is limited!How did we earn our leading position on the world market?Through our philosophy: we know how to listen to our clients’ needs and we constantly strive for innovation.Through our assets: technological superiority and our employees’ […]

About Quality

Quality Production

Hurry up and start winning withautomatenspiele at our casino. Limited supply! Quality control in production involves the identification of the elements to be monitored...

Drawing the Project

Study and Design

All your dreams may come true withautomatenspiele. All the variety of modern gambling is waiting for you!Study and design – Ecoplast-Technology.euQUALITYStudy and designMore than just a...

Ecoplast Tools Machine


Go to the site and getautomatenspiele at our casino. Limited supply!Tools – Ecoplast-Technology.euQUALITYToolsStrict quality controls are performed as of the tool development phase: masters and tools...